The BlendMate makes the  Perfect Gift for the Do-it-Yourselfer that has Everything! The Bullnose Color Transitioning Tool!

Step by Step Instructions

The BlendMate™ is easy to load, easy to use, and easy to clean. Below are the basic steps involved in using the BlendMate™ — we recommend painting the two adjoining walls before painting the transition to ensure that solid color does not get onto the blended corner.

Step One -
Load both Paint Chambers equally, return them to the tool and reinsert the drive screw.

Step Two -
Turn the drive screw clockwise to force paint to the rollers while rolling the corner. Paint 12" to 18" portions at a time, painting toward the left wall, then to the right wall until the blend in the center is your desired width. Finish each section with a final light stroke down the center.

Step Three -
Clean the tool. Remove the Roller Assembly and Paint Chambers from the tool and rinse each of the parts in warm running water.

After painting your blend a second coat may be required. The BlendMate™ can remain loaded for up to an hour, but the Roller Assembly must be cleaned immediately after use. Remove the Roller Assembly and rinse in warm water. Pat the Roller Assembly dry with a paper towel or painters rag. When the corner is ready for another coat, reinsert the Roller Assembly and repeat step two.

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