The BlendMate makes the  Perfect Gift for the Do-it-Yourselfer that has Everything! The Bullnose Color Transitioning Tool!

When Painting Rounded(Bullnose) Corners,

Read what actual users have to say about Painting Rounded Corners with the BlendMate:

It looks like it was done by a professional
Posted on: Amazon By marvschucka July 5, 2014

My husband just used this for our rounded corners and it works perfectly. It looks like it was done by a professional.

Perfect for rounded corners
Posted on: Amazon By Wine for mike (Lake Mary, FL) June 21, 2014

Great product - Makes rounded corners easy. Easy clean up. Would recommend to anyone putting off painting due to rounded corners.

Must have for painting
Posted on: Amazon By Sam (Boise Idaho) April 18, 2014

It does exactly what it says. My Husband did it while I was gone, but it looks perfect and professional.

Posted on: Amazon By Jufon (Frisco Tx.) February 4, 2014

where has this thing been!?

i have rounded corners thoughtout my home and until i found this, ending a paint color or joining them was a bit of a nightmare.

with knockdown texture getting a sharp line is not posible but with this tool, blending the colors or fadeing into existing colors works very, very well. i really like the look and the tool is quite easy to use; assuming you paint often and know painting rules. Take your time.

an outstanding product. Help other customers find the m

Great product
Posted on: Amazon By big250d December 6, 2013

Great product to have that a fade on a trim. I used this with a corners having bull nose corners. My only suggestion is to first practice its application. After a few passes you'll learn the technique. I used this through out my home and no one really realizes the transitions, its that good.

Very helpful paint gadget if you have rounded corners and are changing paint colors.
Posted on: Amazon By zacaronius  November 26, 2013

I was looking for some way to transition paint colors on my rounded corners for quite some time and stumbled across this. I have to say it really works well! Just make sure and clean it well after use. A couple hints: Make sure that both syringes contain the exact same amount of paint, slowly screw down the plungers so you dont overwhelm the rollers and most importantly I think, have a large wooden dowel or similar rounded object to learn how to use this and to prime the rollers with paint before you use it each time. I have used this in transitioning between a forest green and a brownish color, a brownish color and white, and yellow and white.

Blending bullnose corners softly - solved!
Posted on: Amazon By Tom (Westborough, MA) October 9, 2013

Not a single big box store nor any branded paint stores in my area knew how to blend bullnose/rounded corners except for straight taped lines. One store even suggested that I hire a person who paints murals to do my corners!

On this painting project - the whole house - 2800 sq ft - my wife was the painter-in-chief. I found this tool at Amazon and bought one. We were both a little skeptical at first and the first 5 minutes with the tool gave us some doubts. But, after about 10-15 minutes my wife got the hang of it and now we show everyone our corners!! The blended paints just seem to flow from one color to the next invisibly. Stop making soft corners into hard corners with straight lines. Use this tool for a great and practical effect. And, buy yourself some extra rollers for the next job.

Posted on: Amazon By Bri September 25, 2013

ALL of the corners in our new house are bull nose, which is fine as it creates a really nice "refined" feeling. We painted most of the walls a creamy yellow. When we got to our fireplace wall I wanted something different. The fireplace is a white pitted stone type thing and the yellow would just wash out with it. So I found a lovely dark taupe to frame it. But then there's the niche in the wall above that so I went two shades darker to a deep mocha in there. The blend mate blended the bull nose edge of the niche beautifully. It's seamless and almost unnoticeable. Which I love.

Then I used that taupe going up the stairs to contrast the white trim on the stairs. That wall meets a yellow wall in the living room so again to the Blend Mate. The corner itself is lovely. The taupe did not overpower the yellow as I feared. However, some of the taupe managed to get all the way to the far edge of the yellow roller and now I have this lovely streak up the wall. Kinda looks dirty. So now I have to do touch up and try again.

Then to the dining room which is a deep red with an arched entry meeting the yellow. This was just awful. We are going to have to try again. The red totally overpowered the yellow and created this awful pink/magenta.

I have faith that this thing works and that it will give me the effect I want eventually. I know it just takes time to get the technique right. But oh boy it gets frustrating sometimes and you just need to walk away and try again. The more I tried to fix the pink problem, the worse I made it. I don't know. I wish BlendMate could give me a tip or something to help save my sanity on this dining room.

Overall it is worth it. Just be patient.

Posted on: Amazon By Joanna G. September 22, 2013

I wish I had found this product sooner. It was so awesome. I painted the doorway from our doorway into the bathroom (which includes an overhead arch) in less than 5 minutes. It was soooo easy too. GET IT!

Really works
Posted on: Amazon By Michele (RIPON, CA, US) August 10, 2013

I was skeptical that this was just another gimmick, but it really does work beautifully. Be sure to watch the video on how to do it. It helps a lot.

Good idea
Posted on: Amazon By mushroomgs August 3, 2013

I used this to transition from dark green to light green around our bullnose corner from the kitchen to living room. It took a minute to get used to, but looked pretty good when I finished. I don't know how else I would have done it.

Works great
Posted on: Amazon By  A. M. (Houston, TX) May 20, 2013

I bought is on a whim for painting the room transitions in my new house. Works as advertised and we were very pleased with the results. For a DIY job it made the task much easier than trying to tape and paint perfectly straight lines on textured walls and gives a nice polished look in between rooms.

I no longer hate my bull-nosed walls.
Posted on: Amazon By auberdauber0187 April 8, 2013

My friend had told me about this product showing me the website and photos, so I figured I'd give it a try. I'm typically very good at keeping my lines straight when painting, but the bull-nosed walls take me a ridiculous amount of time since taping them is more of a nightmare than just eyeing it. We painted my friend's dining room arches so far and it's just a clean, blended look. She went from a light, cream color to a light grey. I, on the other hand, have a dark blue wall that we'll be blending into a cream wall (and eventually a suede). I have yet to try it on my walls. My only issue will be when I hit the top of the wall and floor-boards (I'll most likely just have to tape the ceiling and floor-boards where they meet the wall since the sponge doesn't have a flat edge for those areas). No big deal at all.

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